Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Book Haul - The new Amos Decker by David Baldacci

Hello mystery junkies! I have been AWOL for a long while now, but I finally decided to be back.So as my first come-back post I'm sharing my first book haul post with you guys. 

Today I went to Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road to find a nice dress for Ramazan/ Eid. However, as all brands are launching their festival collections tomorrow, I was unable to find anything good to buy. Of course, I had to stop by Liberty Books to browse through their shelves...duh! And boy am I so glad that I did, because look what I found:

Yup that's right, your eyes are not deceiving you. This is indeed a paperback for the second book of David Baldacci's new series, Amos Decker. The reason for my excitement was that the book only released this April and only the hardcover is currently available on Amazon USA website. The paperback edition is scheduled to be released in September 2016. I was afraid that I would have to wait till September to get my hands on this book. But thanks to Liberty Books and Pan Macmillan India, I was able to get my hands at a reasonably priced paperback so early!

The listed price for the book was Rs. 1195, but I got it for Rs. 1075 only thanks to my Liberty Book Club membership card. Plus 10% points was also added to my account balance to be redeemed later. (P.S. They were out of bookmarks, so I didn't get my customary free bookmark.)

To those of you who do not know it yet, David Baldacci is my absolutely favorite contemporary author and I've read almost all the books that he has ever written. The first book in his Amos Decker series was Memory Man which I have rated 5 stars on Goodreads last year. Memory Man felt way darker than anything I've ever read by Baldacci. A Serial killer arc, that chills you, disgusts you, but still keeps you turning the pages to get to the end. While I love reading the more spy-type Puller and Robie series, Memory Man reminded me of his old gems like Simple Genius and Last Man Standing.  

I can't wait to dig into this one, maybe I'll find time to start it this weekend. Watch out for my review when I'm finished with this one, meanwhile, leave a comment below if you have also been waiting eagerly for Baldacci's next!  

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